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Industrial Products Finder 1 Year (12 Issues) 260
The Indian Textile Journal 1 Year (12 Issues) 245
Construction World 1 Year (12 Issues) 260
Indian Cement Review 1 Year (12 Issues) 245
Project Reporter (PDF Edition)* 1 Year (24 Issues) 115
Qatar Construction Infobank 4th Edition 2016-17 175
Power Infobank (Indian Power Industry Directory) 2017-18 Edition 120
Cement Infobank - (Indian Cement Industry Directory) 2017 Edition 120
Equipment India 1 Year (12 Issues) 245
MHE Infobank - (Indian Material Handling Equipment Industry Directory) 2017-18 Edition 120
Automotive Products Finder 1 Year (12 Issues) 245
AITD - (All Indian Textile Directory) 2018-19 Edition (DVD Version-Flippable Format) 120
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  2. Publication will be delivered through Air mail (India Post) in 7-10 days.
  3. The subscribers don't have any objection in receiving communication about their subscription status or any promotional offers during the subscription period from ASAPP Info Global Services Pvt Ltd / IPF Online Ltd via any digital communication medium like sms, emails etc.
  4. * Project Reporter is available only in downloadable pdf format and not in print edition.
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