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Subramanian Iyer Chennai
The graphics of the GST Story simplified it and made it understandable to especially those unaware of the technicalities Thank you CWI for breaking down such a complex topic for a common reader like myself
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Anahita Gupta Chandigarh
The stunning usage of the large spaces along with beautiful colours that pop right out of the page Studio Wood has done a fabulous job with the home
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Harshita Bhatia Pune
The farm house in Khadavli is a real treat The architects have come up with stunning ideas to make this project a rustic haven
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Ankit Tiwari
The project on the cover is very interestingIts South-Asian interiors and its confluence with the regional context lend a unique statement to the Soori Bali
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Komal Jain
We are glad that CW Interiors has featured our work We hope to collaborate in the future too

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